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Programme to develop the teacher’s comprehensive interaction skills 

The aim of the pilot project is to develop and investigate an educational entity suited to teachers’ basic education, orientation period and continuing education. The goal of this entity is to support the development of teachers’ professional interaction skills. The education includes practising professional interaction skills by means of creative and experiential methods based on theatre. Particular attention will be paid to the following key interaction situations in teachers’ work:

  1. Classroom interaction
  2. Participation in multiprofessional cooperation
  3. Cooperation between home and school
  4. Digital interaction
  5. Encountering culturally and linguistically different children and their families

Piloting, the analysis of its results, and further development of the educational entity will be carried out in 2017–2019. A digital operating environment will be created to support the project. The school authorities of the cities of Espoo and Kuopio and Stockholm University of Sweden have initially agreed to serve as cooperation bodies. 

Inquiries: Docent Tapio Toivanen, University of Helsinki, tapio.toivanen (at)